Karen hated laundry. She was always in a rush and laundry was the last thing she wanted to worry about. As she dumped a load of dirty clothes in the washer, she decided she might as well top off the load with the clothes she was wearing. "Might as well get this done," she said to herself. She shimmed out of her shorts, and then peeled off her blue undies.

She scooped up her clothes, and as she set them on the washer, it suddenly struck her that she was naked. She'd shower every morning naked, of course, ad when she changed clothes for bed at night, she was in some state of naked. And she was naked with her boyfriend. Well...she had been naked with boyfriends in the past. It'd been a long time. Perhaps that's why she sort of tuned out her own nudity in teh day-to-day. If she wan't actively having sex, she wasn't really thinking about it. The urge just retreated somewhere.

As she stood in her laundry room, the washed and dryer humming and bumping and churning and sloshing, she suddenly became aware of the sounds. Her laundry room sounded a lot like sex. With the heat of the dryer warming the room, she felt a bit hot. She let her hands reach down, caress her as if rediscovering her own body. The sensations returned. Her nipples became hard. She rubbed her left nipple with one hand while her right hand dipped a finger into herself. She was wet. Very wet. Her knees weakened as her finger slipped in and out of her.

Hand it really been so long? Had she simple lost track of her sexuality? Had she ben too busy, too stressed to even touch herself? There was no arguing, no stopping. Her finger knew what to do, where to rub, how hard to press. As the washer kicked into spin cycle, Karen could feel the orgasm starting. Her hand moved fast, harder. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, releasing a loud cry. She screamed over the shaking and spinning washer. So loud she even startled herself.

In all her stress of getting chores done, there had been one part of self-maintenance she'd overlooked. Letting her breathing slow and her knees stop shaking, she promised herself she'd make this part of her laundry routine. Now, she always looks forward to laundry day.